What is linguistics good for, anyway?

February 3, 2009

The Speculative Grammarian, that corpus of linguistic wisdom, presents a fine description of eminently practical uses of linguistics.

HT: Mike Aubrey at Thoughts and Meditations

Alpha Greek

January 8, 2009

i’ve been trying for some time to teach myself Koine (“common”) Greek, the language in which most of the New Testament was written.  It’ll definitely help me to interact more with the text of the Bible and to explain it better to others.

Here’s a humorous take on why to learn Greek, care of some students of Greek at Biola University.

HT: Denny Burk

The physics of flat-warming (part I)

May 24, 2007

i shall not be so presumptuous in this series (this is science, after all) as to assume the invention of anything; for in the natural world — and hence the only world of which we can truly speak in terms of physics — there are no inventions, but only materials and methods awaiting discovery by some attentive, perceptive, intrepid soul. As has been said, “A physicist is the atoms’ way of thinking about atoms”. However, someone else has said, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and so it is necessary for me first to consider some introductory points of necessity before i proceed to a rigorous scientific discussion of my discoveries in the study of flat-warming. (i will recount only the first of my discoveries in this paper. The study of flat-warming is a very broad and important field, and cannot be rushed.)  Read the rest of this entry »

Experimental method for washing floors and clothes simultaneously

April 16, 2007

My flatmate and i usually use washing powder for washing our kitchen and bathroom floors (gets those whites whiter and those brights brighter!). Surf Micro™ and Bio Classic™ have been experimentally determined to be effective in this regard.

Today, as chance would have it, we took a new, experimental approach to confirming the hypothesis that “It is possible to wash clothes and floors simultaneously and automatically”. The method is as follows:  Read the rest of this entry »