Happy birthday, Charles Darwin! (Thoughts on the dialogue between science and Christianity)

February 13, 2009

February 12 was the two-hundredth anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, and 2009 marks the one-hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of the publication of his seminal work, On the Origin of Species.  Perhaps no-one has influenced science more in the past century than has Darwin with his theory of evolution by natural selection.  Perhaps no-one since has been as misunderstood or maligned, or to such a degree been both hailed as a hero and condemned as a heretic.

But i don’t intend to discuss Darwin or evolutionary biology per se at any length.  i have long been concerned, frustrated, and angered at the attitude many Christians adopt among themselves and in public when discussing apparent conflicts between science and Christianity, especially in the area of creation and evolution.  i do not mean to say that Christians should not stand for truth – we must! – yet it does seem that so little debate in in this area has been edifying or served the gospel; indeed, much of the debate has been characteristically un-Christian: unloving, disrespectful, and antithetical to the gospel.

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i will answer the call

February 9, 2009

The following is a chorus/refrain i wrote five or six years ago during a challenging sermon series on Acts.  It expresses my hope that by the grace of God i will live my life for Christ and His glory, for the future hope we have with Him, and to share this hope with others.

While i have a tune in mind (sorry, but i don’t have the means, voice, or musicality to record it right now!), this is, at the moment, all there is to this song apart from a desire for it to become a meaningful chorus or upbeat hymn and a gratefulness to God for stirring my heart this way.

i will answer the call
i will give You my all
i will count the cost
and consider all else lost
i will fix my eyes on the heavenly prize
i will pass on the flame
i will glorify Your Name

Happy 90th birthday, Billy Graham

November 7, 2008

Billy Graham in April 1966 [image from Wikipedia]

Billy Graham in April 1966 (image from Wikipedia)

Today is the ninetieth birthday of much-loved evangelist Billy Graham.

Recently, in the course of my work (i love my job!), i came across a talk Billy Graham presented in 1998 at a TED conference, to a group of engineers, scientists, designers, and all-round bright people. His ability to communicate the gospel to a group and in a forum which is often stereotyped as anti-Christian struck me; his humility, sincerity, compassion, and love for God and for the Bible, are compelling. Here is someone who has lived and taught the faith in a way that has endeared him to people the world over and has brought many from all walks of life to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Watch or listen to his talk at the 1998 TED conference on Technology, faith, and suffering (26 minutes well spent).