Weekend Web Watch 3 February 2013

In this WWW: Desiring God (Machen style); McGrath on his new biography on CS Lewis; John Donne’s “A hymn to God the Father”; Proclamation Trust audio archives free to download; John Lennox in Cape Town; How much do I need to know to be saved?; three dangers of social media; why churches should disciple college-age students; why the Psalms start as they do; and William Lane Craig and Alex Rosenberg debate whether faith in God is reasonable.

  • Tony Reinke quotes J. Gresham Machen on what he calls “Desiring God (Machen style)“: “Many men … make shipwreck of their faith. They think of God only as one who can direct the course of nature for their benefit; they value Him only for the things that He can give…”  Go and read the whole quote.
  • Will Vaus (who has authored four books on C.S. Lewis) interviews King’s College London professor Alister McGrath on his forthcoming biography of C.S. Lewis, titled “C.S. Lewis – A Life: Eccentric genius, reluctant prophet” (due 1 March).
  • Tullian Tchividjian reflects on John Donne’s stunning “A hymn to God the Father”, a poem in which Donne laments his ongoing sin but reaches assurance in his security in Christ.  The point on which Tchividjian especially reflects is usually missed in the print anthologies i’ve seen.  (This reminds me of Donne’s summary, “John Donne, Anne Donne, Undone”, after being thrown in prison by his disapproving father-in-law!)
  • All the treasures in Proclamation Trust’s audio archive are now free to download!  There you will find great material from Evangelical Ministry Assembly conferences, “Instruction on” series teaching how to exposit various Bible books, and much other excellent training material.  This has long been one of my favourite resources.
    HT: Mark Meynell
  • Antwoord announced that Oxford professor of mathematics John Lennox (who has debated such atheists as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Peter Singer) will be in Cape Town 12-17 March (together with Michael Ramsden) and in Gauteng 18-23 March, speaking on science and faith.
  • Michael Horton answers the question “How much do I need to know [to be saved]?“, helpfully comparing it to the question “How far is too far?”
  • Kevin de Young identifies three dangers of social media that ring true — addiction, acedia, and not knowing how to be alone and quiet — in a short series titled “Don’t let the screen strangle your soul” (part 1 | part 2)
  • Jon Nielson gives four reasons why the local church should take great care to disciple and train college-age Christians.
  • Doug Plank asks why the Psalms start off as they do — with Psalm 1 looking more like Proverbs than Psalms — and then draws on Ray Ortlund Jr’s contribution from a forthcoming book.  “So why does Psalm 1 stand as the doorway of this book focusing on the worship of God? What does that tell us? It tells us that delighting in God’s Word is where true worship begins.”
  • William Lane Craig and Alex Rosenberg, two world-ranking philosophers, attracted thousands last Friday night as they debated the proposition “Faith in God is reasonable” at Purdue University.

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