Studies 2009

i received most of my study material two weeks ago, but i’ve been somewhat slack in getting underway with it, largely owing to busyness with work (and work-avoidance behaviour such as that in which i’m presently engaging…)

Here’s a rundown of my subjects this year:

  • Language in a changing world II (historical sociolinguistics): considers that language is not static; it changes over time.  Changes in language impact the world around us, and changes in the world around us impact language.
  • Approaches in linguistics III: presents methods for linguistic analysis from cognitive and corpus linguistics.
  • Translation and editing techniques III: introduces the tasks and tools of translator and editor.
  • Language planning and linguistic description III: introduces language planning and development policy in a multilingual society such as South Africa.
  • Learning and teaching an additional language III: addresses learning theories and factors that impact on learning an additional language.
  • Text structure and function III (text linguistics and discourse analysis): how written and spoken communication fits together in a coherent whole.
  • Social psychology III: how and why individuals think and behave as they do in social situations.
  • Psychological research III: research methods in psychology.
  • Abnormal behaviour and mental health III: psychopathology, its causes, assessment, and treatment.

It’ll be quite a busy year, but i’m amped that it’ll bring this degree to a conclusion.


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