Behind door #2007

Happy birthday to Janus, and i hope that he opens some exciting doors in 2007… But thanks to our God, for His mercies are new every morning, and His great faithfulness is unchanging.

i didn’t see the new year in… i was feeling a bit out of sorts, and i felt pretty confident it would see its own way in without my help. Instead, my computer spent the night upgrading KDE and to the latest releases, while reading GK Chesterton’s autobiography to me. i’ve so thoroughly enjoyed GKC’s writings: they are fresh, candid, and witty; he plumbs great literary depths, his pen compasses such broad themes with inimitable originality, and he paints in colourful images the “philosophy that made him.”

So, what does the nascent year hold? Probably “more of the same”!

i recently registered for this year’s studies: the rest of third-year psychology (abnormal behaviour, social psychology, and research psychology), along with some subjects in linguistics and computer science theory — i think i’ll find these particularly stimulating.

Time now to see what’s behind that door…


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