Psalm 23

I called to you and led you down
Into the pastures green
And I’ve walked with you, by your side —
That’s where I’ve always been

You gave your heart and followed Me
Beside the waters blue
Wherever you may find yourself
Just know: I’m there with you

We walked along the mountaintops —
The view was fine to see!
My child, the paths I lead you on —
That’s where I will be

The path grew rocky; progress, slow
You cried out in despair
You thought that I’d abandoned you
But I was always there

And though the valley hems you in
And death may seem so near
My child, I watch over you,
And I am always here

You heard My voice, returned and ate,
Blessed in every way
All your days I’ll care for you
And in My house you’ll stay


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